Hello, readers!

If you don’t know me already, hi, I’m Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. Angela Highland, a.k.a. Anna the Piper. I’m a writer and an amateur musician, and I normally live at angelahighland.com, my official site.

This site, angelahighland.wordpress.com, is my new backup site. I’ve set this up because I host angelahighland.com on my home web server, which works very well–except for the part where our local power company has a very poor track record with power outages. As of this writing (September 11, 2016), we’ve had six power outages this year that have directly impacted my house.

And when my house’s power goes down, so does my website. As you might guess, I find this hugely frustrating. Particularly when I’m trying to run ad campaigns to encourage readers to check out my books.

So I’ve set up this minimal backup site on WordPress.com, with the most critical information about my five novels, and a bit about myself as well. I encourage readers to keep angelahighland.com as the main source of information about my work, but keep angelahighland.wordpress.com around as a backup for the next time my main site goes down.

Because it will. We’re heading into storm season in the Pacific Northwest. Batten down the hatches. And in the meantime, hey, if you haven’t read my stuff already, consider checking it out, won’t you?

Thanks and welcome!


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