domain now active

Since is a cumbersome way to remember how to get to this site, I have bought and activated the shorter domain I’ve set up initial DNS for it, and am working on getting appropriate secondary DNS set up for it too–because right now the DNS for it is on my home server.

And given that this site’s entire raison d’être is to be a backup site for my writing when power outages take out (as they do), I do need to make sure the secondary DNS can still get here even if the primary is down.

But regardless, the domain is now propagating across the net. If you happen to have this site’s location bookmarked for reference, please feel free to adjust your bookmark to point to the shorter domain!

I have changed the main site title to refer to it, although the site will not otherwise change functionality. will function strictly as a redirect for now. So if you hit that site, it will bring you here, and you’ll still see in your browser’s address bar.

I’m doing it this way because just buying a domain and setting up the redirect is cheaper than paying for premium access and letting them map the domain onto this site directly. (I may eventually change my mind, though, if a compelling enough reason arises to do so.)

Any questions, let me know!


Norwescon 2017 Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale!

Faerie Blood

Norwescon 2017 is almost upon us, and accordingly, it’s time for me to put Faerie Blood and Bone Walker‘s ebooks back on sale for 99 cents each! And, since there’s a High Wind Watch in effect for Seattle tomorrow, the sale announcement post gets to live on

The 99 cent price point is in effect until 4/30/2017. Y’all get extra time this time around because of not only the convention, but also because I have surgery coming up, and do not want to care about shutting down the sale while that’s going on!

As always, the sale price is in effect for all vendors where these books are sold, as well as my Square store and buying directly from me. Spread the word as you are so inclined, y’all!

And as always, pertinent links where you may both preview and buy the books are on their official pages, here and here.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

Storm conditions and power outage


Due to current storm conditions in the Puget Sound metro area, my house has lost power. My main website at is therefore down.

ETA on our outage repair is 4:30pm according to the Puget Sound Energy outage map. But given ongoing blustery conditions, and also given that we have a worse storm coming in tomorrow, chances are very high we will be down overnight.

To any readers and friends who also live in the area, if you are in PSE’s coverage area, whether or not your power is currently out, I strongly and I do mean STRONGLY advise you to unplug any important electronics. Our house lines are getting low voltage power fluctuations–and that has ‘fried electronics’ written all over it.

Meanwhile, this kind of situation is exactly why I have the backup site now. So in case you need to look up anything about my books, please keep the link handy! I will post here and on social media when our power is back and the weather has stabilized. To all my fellow Cascadians in the area, stay safe and stay dry!

In honor of VCON, new Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale!

Bone Walker

It’s almost time for Dara and me to go up to VCON in Canada, and as I do like to do every time I go to a convention, I’m putting Faerie Blood and Bone Walker back on sale for 99 cents each!

This price point is now in effect, or shortly will be as soon as various sites finish processing, on all places where the ebooks are sold. As always here is the list of official places to buy these ebooks:

Faerie Blood: Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play | Square

Bone Walker: Bone Walker | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play | Square

On Smashwords, both books are set Reader Sets Price for the time being, including Free. Recommended price is 0.99 for the sale, but I will certainly not object if you want to go over that!

On my Square store, you may use the promo code VCON in order to knock two bucks off the price of the ebooks. (Or for that matter, anything else you’d like to order off the store.)

These prices, and the promo code on Square, will be in effect until 10/6. Please spread the word if you are so inclined, and thank you for your support!

Side note: if you’re coming in off the boosted post on Facebook, hello! This is my backup site on, which I use when I’m running sales, since my main site is hosted on my home servers and our local power company is prone to power outages. See my greeting post here. If you’d like to see my official site you can find the mirror of this sales announcement here.

Testing, testing, testing, is this thing on?

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog much here, and that’s still true. But I’m investigating what functionality provides for its users, and one of the things they have available is the ability to crosspost out to various social networks. Including Tumblr and Google+, which is functionality I don’t currently have on my main site.

So here’s a quick test post to see if this works. This is also a test of the fancier editor’s posting UI provides, so I can compare it against the standard WordPress post editor. Feel free to disregard this post and go about your business!

Or, if you want to see a bit more about what I am learning from my experience, I have a post up on the main site over here.

Hello, readers!

If you don’t know me already, hi, I’m Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. Angela Highland, a.k.a. Anna the Piper. I’m a writer and an amateur musician, and I normally live at, my official site.

This site,, is my new backup site. I’ve set this up because I host on my home web server, which works very well–except for the part where our local power company has a very poor track record with power outages. As of this writing (September 11, 2016), we’ve had six power outages this year that have directly impacted my house.

And when my house’s power goes down, so does my website. As you might guess, I find this hugely frustrating. Particularly when I’m trying to run ad campaigns to encourage readers to check out my books.

So I’ve set up this minimal backup site on, with the most critical information about my five novels, and a bit about myself as well. I encourage readers to keep as the main source of information about my work, but keep around as a backup for the next time my main site goes down.

Because it will. We’re heading into storm season in the Pacific Northwest. Batten down the hatches. And in the meantime, hey, if you haven’t read my stuff already, consider checking it out, won’t you?

Thanks and welcome!